China: Capitalist, Socialist or What?

  • Dave:

Easier said than done. The fact that your government is committing an active genocide against Uyghur Muslims, suppressing democracy in Hong Kong, as well attempting to bully the rest of the world into obeying their foreign policy, doesn't help your case.

  • Perry Zhang:

@Dave LMAO… U r so brainwashed to believe the mainstream media which have become nothing but miserable propaganda tools for the west. Your words with no evidence, like the mainstream media, are so laughable that makes you like a fool to the local Chinese. I live in Xinjiang and I know the situation here way better than you. Believe me or not, there is no place on this planet better than China for the fortune of Uyghur Muslims and Tibetans. Chinese nowadays do not give a damn to your western fake democracy and the so called human rights at all. Look at the results of Covid19, your government seems have no interest to human lives at all.

Genocide only exist in the west vocabulary. What had the US done to the Muslim countries in the Middle East? What had the Yankees done to the black people, not to mention the history of Native Americans. Black lives matter, man?!

It's time for the US to try something new to solve their own social problems. There is a cure called socialism which have been proven to be true.

  • Dave

@Perry Zhang Thanks for engaging me in political discourse over the internet! I can still go to any website I want to, at least for now. How about you?

To be honest, there's little point in responding to you. You are denying an actual genocide taking place within your own country. Any sources I cite attempting to provide evidence to this genocide will be dismissed by you as being ‘Western propaganda’. How convenient for you! Well, I'm still going to cite sources:

Literally, there seems to be an endless supply of articles to cite from. Right, right, they're all Western propaganda. Everyone must be lying. My bad. Couldn't resist.

What if I were to grant you that there was no genocide taking place in China? What then?

“Believe me or not, there is no place on this planet better than China for the fortune of Uyghur Muslims and Tibetans.”

Highly unlikely! Even if there is no genocide, countries like Germany, Turkey, Sweden, and yes, the US, seem to be much more accommodating to Uyghur Muslims than China. All for… unknown reasons, I guess.

For Tibetans, I would say that… Tibet would be a better country for Tibetans, than China! Wait a second, I can't say Tibet would be a better country for Tibetans than China, because…

Oh, wait. Again, Western propaganda… Guess we're all just lying.

Ok, what are your next points? “Chinese nowadays do not give a damn to your western fake democracy and the so called human rights at all.”

Something we can agree on! Well, kind of. I agree, our democracy is fucking trash. I want to fix it. And I want to fix it in a way that still makes it a respectable system while maintaining my freedoms. Freedoms that you've already given up. How is your social credit system going? Do you enjoy having most of the internet censored by your government? Do you like living in fear of Xi Ping? Don't call him Winnie the Pooh or else you might have your organs harvested! I'm sure that's really healthy for an entire country's population.

Human rights? Again. There seems to be a pattern here. I identify what is wrong with my country and attempt to fix it. I have the freedom to speak. To enact change. You? Try to argue against your social credit system to your local government. Let's see how well that turns out.

“Genocide only exist in the west vocabulary. What had the US done to the Muslim countries in the Middle East? What had the Yankees done to the black people, not to mention the history of Native Americans. Black lives matter, man?”

Again, the pattern continues. Because of freedom, I agree that our country, while not committing actual genocide, has committed war crimes in the Middle East. The amount of Muslim civilians killed by the U.S. military is absolutely atrocious. The United States should withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. It should break its alliance with Saudi Arabia. And yet, despite all of the Muslims killed by the U.S., they still flock to our country because of our freedoms, not yours. In fact, do you know that there is only one ethnicity immigrating to China? Guess which one. Chinese. Funny how that works.

Regarding African-Americans and Native Americans, again, utter atrocities.

“It's time for the US to try something new to solve their own social problems. There is a cure called socialism which have been proven to be true.”

Agreed, my friend. Socialism may very well be the proper solution. How about a hybrid approach? Communist workplace co-ops, socially provided systems for healthcare, social security, public education, etc. A capitalistic market place. Of course, we're going to do our best to get there without having Big Brother watching over our shoulder. Without Big Brother being the board of directors for every one of our countries. Without Big Brother being our police and local government. Without Big Brother enacting a social credit system on the entirety of our population and censoring the majority of free information that the world.

Anyway, have a good one, Perry. Don't say anything bad about Daddy Xi or else you might have your organs taken away. Bye!

  • Perry Zhang

​@Dave I'm tired of this kind of bullshit, cause u do not know China at all. All ur source and hatred towards China comes from the mainstream media. The way u r talking really make me laugh. It seems ur brain has been harvested by ur biased information. I guess what u really want is to destroy China, right?

Why articles? Who wrote them? Who is behind these stories (CIA is deeply involved in the separatism of some Uyghurs and Tibetans abroad)? Why not local videos? Why don't you come to China and live there at least 3 months to see the facts through ur own eyes if u care so much about the local Chinese? U really think u know the situation in China better than any local Chinese, don't u?

Most mainland Chinese have to study Marxism-Leninism-Maoism for years, then most of them choose to believe in materialism. We believe someone should form his point of view based on facts rather than rumors or lies.

China know the west way more and deeper than the opposite. We learn English from secondary school to college. I guess most Americans can not read Chinese characters or speak mandarin which is the largest written and spoken language respectively in this world. When the mainland Chinese children grow up, they may study abroad or do their own research on the Internet for all kinds of information (using VPN or something). The more they learn, the more likely they will turn their back on the western ideology and become more patriotic to their motherland. Because they know what the CPC has achieved is absolutely remarkable and they think their country are marching in the right direction for all humankind.

To be honest with u, I can say whatever I want in China. Believe it or not, Chinese like to blame the government especially for its wrong move. But u may get trouble here to spread hatred words such as terrorism or separatism or rumors that may cause social damage. The GFW (Great Firewall) is wonderful. The wall keep most Chinese away from the biased mainstream media which got lots of ppl in Hongkong and Taiwan brainwashed just like u.

At least we stand on the common ground of approaching a system with socialist characteristics. Each country has its own objective condition, and so does the political system. The form of political structure in China may not apply to the US, and vice versa. China was dogmatic like Soviet Union or North Korea but not any more. Now the Chinese are very pragmatic, and if your theory do work, don't worry, they will apply. The model is this: practice -> theory -> practice.










对于香港和台湾来说也是一样,希望还是掌握在年轻人手里。就算他们对大陆的看法再负面,转变思想都相对比较容易。相信大多数年轻人只要在国內国外拓展眼界以后,多经历几次文化冲击(culture shock),就会大不一样。任何道理都是从渐悟到顿悟的过程。众里寻他千百度,蓦然回首,那人却在,灯火阑珊处。


为什么西方那么喜欢印度?回答这个问题之前,最好先讨论另一个问题。印度真的摆脫殖民地状况,独立自主了吗?英国人就那么大方的放弃了自己最重要的殖民地?只靠甘地发起的非暴力不合作运动就真的能让一向吃人不吐骨头的盎格鲁-撒克逊人乖乖撤退认输吗?对于大英帝国来说,印度可真是一只会下金蛋的母鸡啊!印度统治精英阶层到底代表谁的利益?为什么已经回归中国 23 年之久,不少香港人还认为英国才是主子?为什么香港实行一部国安法就能让那些“英国绅士老爷们”发神经般的攻击中国?按理来说,这和英国有什么关系?