My name is John Perry, I am a 3D vision algorithm engineer and interested in SFM & SLAM. Recently, I played a traditional chinese PC game called “Gujian Qitan 3” (the 3rd episode of “Fantasy about Ancient Swords”). The game is great for me!

This website is my personal blog, powered by Hugo (written in Go). Hugo claims to be the world’s fastest framework for building websites. A hugo theme Even is used to render this website. The whole website is generated from a single source file ‘’. All images in the blog are stored in directory “static/images” tracked by Git LFS. Before I was using an image hosting website, which is free and similar as Imgur. As far as I kown, the latter site do not accept new registrations for now.


Tools used to build this website including:

  • Spacemacs org-mode: edit the org file and deploy the blog repository automatically.
  • ox-hugo: (an org package) convert contents in org file to Markdown files for posts.
  • Hugo: power engine to generate static pages from Markdown files.
  • GitLab: store the blog repository with Hugo configuration and the org source file.
  • Git LFS: (optional) save large files such as images and videos in a more efficient way.
  • (optional) store all blog images and provide direct links for each of them.
  • Netlify: provide Hugo engine to generate websites from GitLab repository and https connection.


I benefited a lot from the following websites: